Hello. Welcome to The Stiles Council, a website and podcast about the England national football team.

You might already know us. TSC originally started in blog form in 2011 and then went on hiatus for a while, returning later as the podcast we still make today. That’s a Sphinx Football production which you can subscribe to here.

Since that’s being going well and we – Chris Nee and David Hartrick – are really writers at heart, we’ve decided to revive the written version so that our articles about England have a home again. So here it is.

For the record, our focus is the England senior men’s team. We are entirely behind the Football Association in considering England as one club but this is our bit of it.

We keep a keen eye on the Under-21s and below, when we can, but that’s all about the senior team in the end, really.

If you’re a women’s football fan, this isn’t the place to find articles about the Lionesses. We’re casual observers of the women’s team and you’ll find better insight from fans and experts who know their stuff. We wouldn’t waste your time.

Instead, this website will offer features, news, previews and match reports relating to the men’s senior team from the perspective of two life-long supporters interested in the past, present and future of England.

You can follow us on Twitter, too: @EnglandPodcast